Shopping for clothes as a curvy teenager. A nightmare.

Shopping for clothes as a curvy teenager. A nightmare.

I remember going shopping for a bathing suit top at the tanning salon in town with my mom. I also remember breaking down in tears because I didn't like how everything fit my body. Having your body feel wrong because you can't find clothes that fit is a confidence shattering event that happens all too often.

When I started to design clothing in fashion school I was told to draw my models less curvy. We used fit models who couldn't be older than 15 or 16. One of my instructors scolded her "you look like you've gained weight since last time." The girl could not have been more than 110 pounds soaking wet.

So many places in the world tried to tell me my body was wrong. While I can't fix the world's problems, I can put designs out that make sure women with my body type never feel the way I did those days. This is a place for hips and breasts. This is a place for tummy rolls and thick thighs. This is a place for body neutrality.

We get one life and as cheesy as it is, what a waste to hide away from living because you live in a bigger body. Your body is not wrong. You are valid.

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